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Castle from air

Corfe Castle from the air. From the huts which are visible, I suspect that this picture dates from the sixties, when the Ministry of Works were busy capping the walls with cement. Vineyard farm is in the background and just visible in the field between is the outline of the early fish-ponds.

Old band

Corfe Castle Town Band in the Square - date not known.


Corfe Castle Cricket club. The gentleman in the centre is Dr. Dru Drury, the village doctor.

Camping coach

The original camping coach at Corfe Railway Station. This was later replaced by a Pullman van. This picture dates from around 1949.


Moving on to more recent history.....

The author, his mother (Gwen Hayward - later Portt) and aunt (Maisie Daw) with assorted cats & dogs in the Stationmaster's garden at Corfe Castle Station.
This dates from around 1952 when my grandfather was the stationmaster.

EP - platform

A group of staff from Eastpoint Ltd., on the platform of Corfe Castle Station. This dates from around 1988 and reflects the period during which we leased the station as an electronics design and manufacturing base.

Immediately following the move of Eastpoint, the Swanage Railway took over for the restoration of the branch. The timing was excellent, since the building was not left unoccupied for any great length of time.

Station + snow

A little earlier than the above, this was taken in Winter around 1986.

old cafe

A photograph of the wooden cafe building which in more recent times was rebuilt and shortly after became the National Trust centre.


It had only been finished a few weeks back!

The bus shelter in East Street demolished by a car, shortly after construction had been completed.


Robert Powell as Hannay, filming at Corfe Castle station.


Corfe Castle station masquerading as a Scottish police station during the
filming of Hannay (Ch. 4).

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