The EMS Synthi 100

This page is concerned with electronic music from synthesisers which I designed.

I was once employed by a company known as 'Datanomics' based at Westminster Road, Wareham. This was one of a group of companies brought together by
the entrepeneur Richard Howling.

Richard had acquired the synthesiser manufacturing company known as EMS and during my time with the company, I was responsible for the following:

1) The re-design of the huge EMS Synthi 100 (See picture above)
This is still in service in Spain and restored to working order.

2) The design of a new synthesiser known as the 'Datasynth'

3) The design of a polyphonic synthesiser known as the 'Synthi Underground' (I still have the prototype). See pictures below:

These two pictures show the addition of a later sequencer/recorder.


Note that the EMS division was later bought by Robin Wood, who still runs the company from Cornwall.

I include here some audio recordings from both the Datasynth and the Synthi Underground.
Firstly, two items from the Datasynth - these are not musical, unless you describe the sound as 'music concrete', but they do give an idea of the sequencer capability
and the filters, modulators, etc. These tracks were recorded in real-time, with no multi-tracking.
Rocking example    Various sounds/rythms

Here are some musical tracks which I produced using the Synth Underground (polyphonic) synthesiser. Please forgive my hesitant playing, I have never mastered keyboards...
Love is the sweetest thing    Return to me    Knights (nights)? in white satin

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