The Village of Corfe Castle. (Page 1 of three)
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I am not extolling the virtues of Corfe Castle here, the village is well enough known as a tourist destination and such current information is best obtained from the village web site I will however start by giving a well deserved plug for the Swanage Railway, since it is an outstanding achievement which provides not simply a pleasurable experience for the visitor, but a year-round community service.

This page then is pure nostalgia. Some of the pictures here pre-date even the installation of the Victorian railway - speaking of which, below is a rare colour shot of Corfe station from around 1951 (relatively modern!) and to the right of it an earlier scene:

Corfe station     early station

A very early picture of the Square in Corfe Castle. This is clearly taken prior to the construction of the railway. At right is another shot from the square - this one showing the house which was
demolished to allow an access road to the station.

Greyhound   Bankes Arms

Two views of East Street, looking towards the castle:

E.streetEast st. to square

Left: A view of East Street in quieter times, looking towards Boar Mill.                                  Right: a view from the Square showing the Mayor's robing room and the church behind.

Boar millChurch

Left: The castle from the church tower.                                                                                  Right: This shop is currently the National Trust shop (Formerly Hollands then Clews).


Left: A celebration regarding the construction of the village school. At right, Mr. Chappell relaxes outside the Robing room.


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