The Royal Naval Cordite Factory - Holton Heath.

    Location: Near Poole in dorset. Current site use: Mixed industrial and nature reserve.
    The factory was constructed during WW1 in order to supply the Admiralty with reliable and good quality propellant (Cordite)
   The background picture shows the acetone factory. Acetone was used as a solvent in certain types of cordite and was produced in this plant by fermentation of corn, chestnuts or acorns.

    Follow the links below for details of the processes involved:    

    The Nitration process

    The Mixing process 
    Drying and Incorporation

    Site plan 1

    Site plan 2

    Further information on RNCF

    A Pictorial Record of the RNCF (Bowditch & Hayward)

All Photographs (c) Crown.